What we do

How can we create new knowledge by engaging with wider audiences? How can we shed light on an area of study by distilling our insights in a way that makes them more accessible?


For researchers it is pivotal to ask these questions today, especially within the global connected academic community. The only question is: how to do it?


Peak15 is a design studio founded by Sigrid Schmeisser to bridge the gap between science and communication to make research visible. Design can both be used as a tool throughout the research process to create initial probes and prototypes to communicating the distilled research in order to reach not only academic but public audiences.


Collaborations with researchers may result in identities, exhibitions, publications, conference identities, workshop & research tools as well as digital applications.


The selected case studies demonstrate how researchers and designers can benefit from collaborating with each other, pushing the boundaries of both disciplines.



Below are selected research projects which were successfully exhibited by researchers in museums and at festivals to engage public audiences and communicate research projects or to gather further research insights:

FutureLab, Shanghai (Critical Digital Economies, 2020)

Tate, London (Geopact, 2019)

Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven/Click Drive NL Festival (Resourceful Ageing, 2018)

RSA Annual, Edinburgh (ScotGov Housing2040, 2020)

TheLighthouse, Glasgow (ScotGov Housing2040, 2020)

The Engine Shed (ScotGov Housing2040, 2019)

Edinburgh Science Festival (Beelines, 2016)

Edinburgh Arts Festival (Artcasting, 2016 and DI Pavilion, 2016-2018)

Bowes Museum – ARTIST ROOMS (Workshop Artcasting, 2016)

Winchester Science Centre (Internet of Cars, 2014)



2020 – Housing 2040 (Travelling Exhibition) was included in the RSA Annual Showcase

2019 – The Sheila Project won the ALT Learning Technology Research Project. Peak15 designed the digital mapping tool (which was considered as part of the award)