Created a workshop format around the theme of neophytes (»invasive plant species«) in Europe, building up on the research for the Project (Solidago). The workshop was further combined with an introduction to risograph printing and editorial design, in order to create a joint publication on more-than-human entanglements. Held at Onomatopee, Eindhoven.


SonicFootprints by LouisMoeckel
SonicFootprints by LouisMoeckel

Louis Möckel commissioned Peak15 to collaborate on the promotion and vinyl record design for their research project centering around the question of “What is the ecological impact of the noise caused by the production of industrial goods?”. They interviewed several researchers across the fields of bioaccoustics, anthropology and sound-related ecologies. They also captured underwater field recordings with which they commissioned musicians to produce bespoke audio pieces with. All of these were translated and transferred onto the record to be released in 2024.

FROM CENTRE TO PERIPHERY – Performance Dutch Design Week

This is a long-term design & research project that investigates discarding and the role of landfills, as an antiquated disposal method and their entrenchment within contemporary waste management. Constructed ever further on the periphery, landfills have become a »geospatial other«–a sacrificed zone–destined to receive the residues of hazardous waste streams, waste incineration and recycling streams, which to this day enables the centre to flourish and thus necessitates the landfills’ existence. centre-to-periphery.com

Performance at Dutch Design Week, 2023.

Project Raccogliere: AA VS Terrain Lab & Design Biennale Venice (Public Program)

Presenting Project Raccogliere at the Design Biennale Venice (June 2023), part of Chiara Famengo’s public program. As well as doing a lecture part of the AA VS Terrain Lab (September 2023).

Counterparts: Exploring Design Beyond the Human

Peak15 will participate in the Swiss Design Network Conference »Counterparts: Exploring Design Beyond the Human« in October 2022, with the research & design project SOLIDAGO.

Project Raccogliere at DUTCH DESIGN WEEK 2022

We will exhibit the design & research project Raccogliere (Zine & Objects), conceived with independent design duo Daniel Garber & Amalia Magril at the Dutch Design Week. Project Website

POLYCANVAS – Data-Driven Poster for the CI Innovation Showcase ’21

POLYCANVAS – Custom version for CI Innovation Showcase 2021
POLYCANVAS – Custom version for CI Innovation Showcase 2021

POLYCANVAS is a data-driven poster framework, which we adapted for the Creative Informatics Innovation Showcase 2021. The poster displays and arranges content by chance on the canvas–with each content loop being triggered by live data input (Github’s API). For the Showcase we rewrote the framework to enable audio components for each element and add a flexible colour scheme for the client. Due to the sounds being selected by chance out of a library, unique soundscapes are created each time with endless possibility for extension.

The original framework was conceived by Sigrid Schmeisser and based on the brand narrative for Creative Informatics. Apart from being a tool to display content, Schmeisser was curious to investigate what it means to co-design with an algorithm.
Polycanvas Creative Informatics Showcase ’21

DCODE Network

TU Delft commissioned Peak15 studio to work with them on the ambitious EU-funded International Training Network »DCODE«. It offers 15 PhD opportunities across Europe in 5 countries. DCODE Network consists of 7 core academic partners and Philips Design as well as 6 associated industry partners, which will work across sectors and disciplines to tackle the digital transformation of society and the role of design.


CRITICAL DIGITAL ECONOMIES Exhibition (Future Lab, Shanghai)

Peak15 worked with curator Jane Macdonald (DesignInformatics, ECA), on the exhibition design for »Critical Digital Economies« at FutureLab in Shanghai for which projects from DesignInformatics researchers were selected. The exhibition featured 30 Universities and ran from December 5–13th 2021, with 10.000 visitors attending.


CI Innovation Showcase – ZOOM Conference
CI Innovation Showcase – ZOOM Conference

It was a real pleasure to create the conference identity, landing page design and graphic animations for the first Creative Informatics Showcase conference hosted via Zoom and with discussions on Mighty Networks.

We collaborated with Kat Duglosz and Paolo Drusi from Video Production Edinburgh. The project was produced, coordinated and managed by Jessica Armstrong.
View conference landing page