Below are selected research projects which were exhibited by researchers in museums and at festivals to engage public audiences and communicate research projects or to gather further research insights:

Dutch Design Week 2022

Critical Digital Economies Exhibition
FutureLab, Shanghai, 2020

Resourceful Ageing
Dutch Design Week 2018

Tate London, Living with the Internet of Things, 2019
ICoT (Intelligent Connected Things) Conference, Edinburgh, 2020

Present Voices Future Lives Travel Exhibition
(Scottish Government Housing 2040 Initiative)
RSA Annual 2020 Exhibition, Edinburgh
TheLighthouse, Glasgow, 2020
The Engine Shed, Linlithgow, 2020
12 Locations across Scotland, including public workshops
BBC Radio coverage of the project

Edinburgh Science Festival, 2016
Featured ESF project in The Scottish Herald

Artcasting App
Edinburgh Arts Festival, 2016
Workshops and collaborations with The National Museum of Modern Art, Edinburgh, 2015
Bowes Museum – ARTIST ROOMS (Workshop), 2015



Project Raccogliere
AA VS Terrain Lab, 2023, organised by Ella Longhin

Venice Design Biennale 2023, Part of Public Program
curated by Chiara Famengo

Solidago–Mediating the Land
Counterparts Conference (ZHDK), Switzerland, 2022



Winner – Type Directors Club New York, Communication Design & Typographic Excellence
Bronze Award – European Design Award
Merit Award – Art Directors Club New York

Housing 2040 (Travelling Exhibition) was included in the RSA Annual Exhibition

The Sheila won the ALT Learning Technology Research Project.
Peak15 designed the digital mapping tool (which was considered as part of the award)