Vinyl Record Design and Identity

SonicFootprints Promotion
Promotion Video

Bespoke film concept, creation and editing

Sonic Footprints

Client: Louis Möckel
Field: Sound-oriented Ecology, Bioaccoustics


Louis Möckel commissioned Peak15 to collaborate on the promotion and Vinyl record design for their research project: “What is the ecological impact of the noise caused by the production of industrial goods?”

“The artistic research project Sonic Footprints pursues the idea of recording this noise in a footprint model. Based on the exemplary object toy dolphin, which is made of PVC, the supply chain of this product is being examined acoustically to determine how these noises affect the habitat of real dolphins. In a compilation of interviews on the subject, perspectives from bioacoustics (Gianni Pavan), anthropology (Tim Ingold), post-phenomenology (Robert Rosenberger), and sound studies (Salomé Voegelin) were brought together to broaden the theoretical horizon of a sound-oriented ecology. The ongoing research was first showcased during DutchDesignWeek 2023 on a specifically designed speaker system, playing sounds of industrial manufacturing from a vinyl record. In relation to the topic of noise pollution, participants listened to the recordedinterviews through noise-cancelling headphones.”

Vinyl Record and booklet to be released in 2024.