Peak15 has worked on a variety of projects with academics and researchers in the UK, the Netherlands, France and Madeira.

The selected case studies demonstrate the importance of communicating research and the different formats this can take.

Previous projects were underpinned by research themes within the field of Anthropology, Sociology, Architecture, Environmental History, Technology and Data-Driven Design.


Meredith Root-Bernstein
Center for Applied Ecology and Sustainability
Santiago, Musée National d’Histoire Naturelle
Pierre du Plessis
University of Oslo

Susannah Montgomery
Andy Sanchez
Sustainable Media Lab, Inholland TheHague

Prof. Elisa Giaccardi
TU Delft

DCODE Network (International Training Network, EU-funded)
Includes academic partners
TU Delft,
University of Edinburgh,
Umea Design Institute
University of Copenhagen,
Aarhus University,
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Philips Design,
Transport and Telecommunication Institute

Scottish Government with A&DS Scotland

Dr. Sonia Matos
M-ITI Madeira

Curator Alexia Holt, Dr. Andrew Patrizio
The Little Sparta Trust

Prof. Chris Speed, Jane MacDonald, Dr, Bettina Nissen,
Dr. Dave Murray-Rust, Ella Tallyn,
Dr. Larissa Pschetz, Mark Selby
Design Informatics

Creative Informatics (Partnership of Universities and Industry partners funded by AHRC)
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh Napier University
Creative Edinburgh

Dr. David Farrier (Literature)
Prof. Rebecca Marsland (Anthropology)
Dr. Kate Carter (ESALA, Architecture)
Dr. Iain Scott (ESALA, Architecture)
University of Edinburgh

Prof. Sian Bayne, Claire Sowton, Dr. Jen Ross, Pete Evans
Dr. Yi-Shan Tsai
Centre for Digital Education

Dr. Andrea Hamilton
University of Strathclyde